AAS 206th Meeting, 29 May - 2 June 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 7. Star Formation

Poster, Monday, 9:20am-6:30pm, Tuesday, 10:00am-7:00pm, May 30, 2005, Ballroom A

7.01 Search for Young Massive Stars Associated with Warm and Dense Atomic Clouds in the Magellanic Clouds
S. Kim (Sejong Univ.), P. Wood, K.C. Freeman (MSSSO), M. Dopita (RSAA), R. Sault, M. Kesteven, D. McConnell, L. Staveley-Smith (ATNF)
7.02 Spitzer Space Telescope Observations of W3
G. T. Ruch, T. J. Jones, C. E. Woodward, E. Polomski, R. D. Gehrz (University of Minnesota), S. T. Megeath (Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
7.03 Wide-field survey of the Orion nebula cluster
K. Smith, M. Robberto (STScI), C. R. O'Dell (Vanderbilt University), L.A. Hillenbrand (Caltech), M. Simon (SUNY Stony Brook), P. McCullough, J. Krist (STScI), F. Palla (Osservatorio Astrofisica di Arcetri), M. Romaniello (ESO), J. Najita (NOAO), E.D. Feigelson (Penn State), R. Makidon (STScI), J. Stauffer (JPL), N. Panagia, N. Reid, W. Sherry, D.R. Soderblom (STScI), K.G. Stassun (Vanderbilt University), Orion Treasury Team
7.04 NICMOS Paschen Alpha Imaging Survey of "Proplyd" Candidates in NGC 2024
D.C. Hines (Space Science Institute), K.R. Stapelfeldt, P.G. Wannier, R. Sahai, H.W. Yorke (JPL)
7.05 WIYN Hydra Spectroscopy of Stars in NGC 2264
T. Angle, C. A. Pilachowski (Indiana University)
7.06 Infrared Spectrum of Young Star MWC 1080
E. L. Gibb, T. W. Rettig, D. A. Wasikowski (University of Notre Dame), S. D. Brittain (NOAO), J. R. Haywood (University of Notre Dame), C. Kulesa (University of Arizona)
7.07 X-ray Emission from FU Orionis Stars
S.L. Skinner (Univ. of Colorado), K.R. Briggs, M. Guedel (Paul Scherrer Inst., Switz.)
7.08 The Ice Star and the Smog Star: Spitzer Observations of Two FU Orionis Systems
E. Polomski, G. T. Ruch, C. E. Woodward, R. D. Gehrz (University of Minnesota)
7.09 Generalized Collapse Solutions with Initial Velocities for Star Formation in Molecular Cloud Cores
M. Fatuzzo (Xavier University), F. C. Adams (University of Michigan), P. C. Myers (Harvard Smithsonian CfA)
7.10 Exploring evidence for X-ray generation mechanisms in T Tauri Stars
S. Shukla, D. Weintraub (Vanderbilt University), J. Kastner (Rochester Institute of Technology)
7.11 Shredding Dust Pillars in the Carina Nebula: First Look With Spitzer
N. Smith (U. Colorado), E. B. Churchwell, B. Whitney, M. Meade, B. Babler (U. Wisconsin), J. Bally (U. Colorado), K. G. Stassun (Vanderbilt U.), J. A. Morse (ASU), R. D. Gehrz (U. Minnesota)
7.12 Line-of-Sight Extinction Toward T Tauri Stars
D. A. Wasikowski, E. L. Gibb, T. W. Rettig (University of Notre Dame), S. D. Brittain (NOAO), J. R. Haywood (University of Notre Dame), C. Kulesa (University of Arizona)
7.13 Near-Infrared Light Curves of Young, Low-Mass Eclipsing Binary Stars
Y. Gómez Maqueo Chew, K. G. Stassun (Vanderbilt University), L. P. Vaz (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil), R. Mathieu (University of Wisconsin), J. Valenti (STScI)

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