AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 68. Extra-Solar Planets II: Current Searches, Properties and Analysis

Poster, Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

68.01 The 2MASS Calibration Database Transit Search: An Odyssey of Near-Infrared Variability
P Plavchan, M Jura (UCLA), D Kirkpatrick, R Cutri (Spitzer Science Center)
68.02 TBA
D. P. Bennett (University of Notre Dame), PLANET Collaboration, OGLE Collaboration, MOA Collaboration
68.03 A Wide-Field Optical and Near-Infrared Search for Brown Dwarf Candidates
J. S. Katz (Columbia University & IfA, University of Hawaii), E. Magnier (IfA, University of Hawaii)
68.04 Two Suns in The Sky: Stellar Multiplicity in Exoplanet Systems
D. Raghavan, T.J. Henry (Georgia State University), B.D. Mason (USNO), J.P. Subasavage, W.C. Jao, T.D. Beaulieu (Georgia State University), N.C. Hambly (University of Edinburgh)
68.05 Activity and Kinematics of Ultracool Dwarfs
S.J. Schmidt (Barnard/Columbia, AMNH), K.L. Cruz (AMNH)
68.06 Do wide BDs and their primaries form hierarchical configurations?
S.J. Thomas, N.S. van der Bliek (CTIO/NOAO), M.F. Sterzik (ESO), A.A. Tokovinin (CTIO/NOAO)
68.07 Volume-Limited Survey for Wide Substellar Companions to Nearby Stars
A. A. LaPage (University of Rochester), D. W. Koerner, D. Labrier, P. Brammeier, J. Keller, A. Case (Northern Arizona Univeristy)
68.08 Search for Planets around Pulsating White Dwarf Stars
F. Mullally, D. E. Winget (University of Texas at Austin), S. O. Kepler (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
68.09 A Search for Low Mass Companions around T Tauri stars
M. Huerta (Rice University), L. Prato (Lowell Observatory), P. Hartigan, C. M. Johns-Krull (Rice University), D. Jaffe (University of Texas at Austin)
68.10 Millimag Precision Photometry of Planet-Hosting Southern Bright Stars
M. Lopez-Morales (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
68.11 Search for transiting planets in NGC 6791 with milli-magnitude V+R photometry
M. Dahl, R.E. Stencel (U.Denver), S. Howell (NOAO/WIYN)
68.12 OSIRIS Spectral Imaging of Closely Separated Binaries
M. W. McElwain, J. E. Larkin, M. Barczys, J. L. Weiss, S. A. Wright (UCLA), A. C. Krabbe, C. Iserlohe (Univ. zu Köln), A. Quirrenbach (Sterrewacht Leiden)
68.13 The Dispersed Fourier Transform Spectrometer - Toward Earth-Mass Planet Detection
A.R. Hajian (USNO), B.B. Behr (NRL/USNO), A.T. Cenko (USNO), R.P. Olling (USRA/University of Maryland at College Park), M. Murison, M. Efroimsky (USNO), R. Dantowitz, M. Kozubal (Clay Center Observatory, Dexter and Southfield Schools)
68.14 Possible Age Effects on Brown Dwarf Spectral Features in the Near-Infrared
A. Solomon (Bellmore-JFK High School, AMNH), K.L. Cruz (AMNH)
68.15 Obliquity Effects on Earth-like Exoplanet Signatures
J.A. Ortega (University of Missouri), S.P. Shukla (New York University), S. Seager (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
68.16 Ancient Earth Climates as a Model for Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets
S. P. Shukla (New York University), S. Seager (Carnegie Institution of Washington), M. Chandler, M. Shopsin (Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
68.17 Spectroscopic Analysis of Volatile Elements
E. Manrao, D. Fischer (SFSU)
68.18 Direct Metallicity Measurements of M Dwarf Planet Hosts
J. Bean, G. F. Benedict, M. Endl, C. Sneden (University of Texas, Austin)
68.19 Preliminary Parallaxes from the Allegheny and Carnegie Observatories
G. Gatewood (AO/UP), A. Boss, A. J. Weinberger (DTM/CIW), I. Thompson (OCIW), S. Majewski, R. Patterson (UVa), L. Coban (AO/UP)
68.20 Properties of the Known Nearby Exoplanets
J. T. Wright (UCB), R. P. Butler (CIW), G. W. Marcy (UCB), S. S. Vogt (UCO/Lick), D. A. Fischer (SFSU), C. G. Tinney (AAO), H. R. A. Jones (Liverpool John Moores Univ.)
68.21 High-Resolution Spectroscopy of the Planetary Host HD 13189: Highly-Evolved and Metal-Poor
J.H. Kim (Boston University), M.C. Tinker, Jr., S.C. Schuler, J.R. King (Clemson University), A.P. Hatzes, E.W. Guenther (Thuringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg)
68.22 A Comparison of Least-Squares and Bayesian Techniques in Fitting the Orbits of Extrasolar Planets
P. Driscoll, D Fischer (San Francisco State University)
68.23 Eccentricity Perturbations via the Kozai Mechanism From Jovian-Mass Objects
K. Moody, S. Sigurdsson (Pennsylvania State University)
68.24 A Bayesian multi-planet Kepler periodogram for exoplanet detection
P. C. Gregory (Univ. of British Columbia)
68.25 A Monte Carlo Based Technique for the Orbital Characterization of Exoplanetary Systems
J.W. Arenberg, T.E. Schuman, A.S. Lo (Northrop Grumman), H.A. Knutson (Harvard University)
68.26 Optimal Observing Strategy for Multi-Object Spectrograph Planet Surveys
S. R. Kane (University of Florida), D. Schneider (Penn State University), J. Ge (University of Florida)

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