AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 37. AGN Jets and Radio Galaxies

Oral, Monday, January 9, 2006, 10:00-11:30am, Virginia

37.01 Multifrequency Evolution of the Radio-Band Circular Polarization during an Outburst in 3C 279
H.D. Aller, M.F. Aller, P.A. Hughes (U. Michigan)
37.02D Modeling the Power Evolution of Classical Double Radio Galaxies over Cosmological Scales
P. Barai (Physics & Astronomy, GSU)
37.03 First Detection of Mid-Infrared Light from Quasar Jets
Y. Uchiyama, C. M. Urry, J. Van Duyne (Yale University), C. C. Cheung (KIPAC), S. Jester (Fermilab), T. Takahashi (JAXA/ISAS), R. M. Sambruna (GSFC), F. Tavecchio, L. Maraschi (Oss. Astro. di Brera)
37.04 Multiwavelength Observations of the Quasar Jet in PKS 1030-357
J. M. Gelbord, H. L. Marshall (MIT Kavli Inst.), S. G. Jorstad, A. P. Marscher (Boston Univ.), D. M. Worrall, M. Birkinshaw (Univ. of Bristol/SAO), D. A. Schwartz (SAO), J. E. J. Lovell, L. Godfrey, G. V. Bicknell, D. L. Jauncey (ATNF CSIRO), E. S. Perlman (UMBC), S. Jester (FNAL), D. W. Murphy (JPL)
37.05 The X-ray Spectrum of the M87 Jet
D. E. Harris (SAO), C. C. Cheung (KIPAC, Stanford), E. S. Perlman (U. Maryland, Baltimore)
37.06 A Deep X-ray and Optical Look at Two Powerful Quasar Jets
R. Sambruna (NASA's GSFC), M. Gliozzi, D. Donato (GMU), L. Maraschi (Oss Brera), F. Tavecchio (Oss Merate), C.C. Cheung (Kavli Institute, Stanford), C.M. Urry (Yale Univ), J.F.C. Wardle (Brandeis Univ), Relativistic jets Collaboration
37.07 The X-ray view of the nuclei of FRII radio galaxies
M. Gliozzi, A. Rinn (GMU), R. Sambruna (NASA GSFC)
37.08 An Optical Orientation Indicator for Radio-Loud and Radio-Quiet Quasars
H. Landt, M. Elvis (SAO), P. Padovani (ESO)

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