Monday, January 09, 2006 Monday, January 09, 2006
  Invited Talks are in Ballroom/Salon 2.  Posters are in the Exhibit Hall            
7:30 Speaker Ready Room, 7:30am-5pm, North Carolina    
  Registration, 7:30am-5:00pm, Registration Desk    
8:15 Welcoming Address, Mayor Anthony Williams (invited), 8:15-8:30am, Ballroom/Salon 2            
8:30 Invited Session 3. Russell Lectureship, James E. Gunn, Princeton University,  8:30-9:20am, Ballroom/Salon 2 
9:20 Job Center 9:20am-5:00pm, Park Tower 8222            
  Cyber Cafe 9:20am-7:00pm, Mezzanine Level Marriott Foyer    
  Gadgets and Gizmos 9:20am-5:00pm, Cotillion Foyer            
  Coffee Break, Exhibits and Posters, 9:20am-7:00pm, Exhibit Hall
4. Solar System  5. White Dwarfs: Properties & Companions   6. Black Holes: Winds, Blobs, Screams & All   7. Astrobiology, SETI, Laboratory Astrophysics  8. Planetary Nebulae   9. Circumstellar Disks I   10. Circumstellar Disks II   11. Binary Models & Parameters   12. Con-X Instruments & Optics   13. Interacting Binaries   14. Highlights & Discoveries from INTEGRAL   15. SNLS    16. Example Con-X Science   17. TeraScale Supernova Initiative     18. X-ray & UV Observations of AGN, Including AGN Outflows    
19. GRB and SGR   20. X-ray Studies of AGN and the High Energy Cosmic Background   21. Starbursts, LIRGS and ULIRGS   22. Evolution of Galaxies, Galaxies Surveys I   23. Future Space Missions   24. Suzaku and GLAST Instrumentation   25. VO and Source Surveys   26. LSST   27. Probing and Understanding Effective Learning and Teaching   28. Astronomical Observatories   29. Observation Processing, Calibration and Control   30. Astrophysical Computations and Codes   31. History of Astronomy   32. Extreme Physics from Compact Objects   33. Epoch of Reionization: Observing Cosmic HI at 21cm   34. Information Services and Databases
  Ballroom/Salon2 Maryland Virginia Delaware A Delaware B Salon 1 Salon 3 Wilson A/B Balcony A Balcony B Maryland C
10:00 Special Session 35. Herschel Far-Infrared/Sub-mm Astronomy Mission  Special Session 36. Extreme Physics from Compact Objects  37. AGN Jets and Radio Galaxies  38. The X-ray and Infrared Backgrounds, AGN Evolution  39. Circumstellar Disks  40. Galactic Structure with WIMPS, STARS and Gas  41. Sunyaev-Zeldovich Observations of Clusters  42. Element and Stellar Evolution  43. Galaxy Evolution  44. Astronomy Education with Radio Waves and Music  HAD 45. Doggett Lecture

46. History Potpourri 
11:30 Break 11:30-11:40am  
11:40 Invited Session 47. Detecting Gravitational-waves with Interferometers,   Nergis Mavalvala, MIT, 11:40am-12:30pm, Ballroom/Salon 2 
12:30 Lunch Break 12:30-2:30  
  ALMA Town Mtg
Cotillion Ballroom
Con-X Town Hall
Salon 1
1:30   IAU
Salon 3 
  Special Session 48. Epoch of Reionization: Observing Cosmic HI at 21cm  Special Session 49. NASA Strategic Planning and Space Astronomy  Special Session 50. Cool Astronomy  Special Session 51. Highlights and Discoveries from INTEGRAL  52. Galaxy Surveys  53. Diffuse ISM and Dust  54. Supernovae, Novae, and Cataclysmic Variables  55. Shocks and Flows within Galaxy Clusters  56. AGN Gas Kinematics  57. Astronomical Data from the NVO: Enhancement of Science Education  HAD 58. Stellar Personalities 
  Ballroom/Salon2 Maryland Virginia Delaware A Delaware B Salon 1 Salon 3 Wilson A/B Balcony A Balcony B Maryland C
4:00 Break 4:00-4:10pm
4:10 Invited Session 59. Studying Stellar Evolution with Seismology, Sarbani Basu,  Yale University, 4:10-5:00pm, Ballroom/Salon 2 
5:00 Invited Session 60. Massive Stars and Feedback, Sally Oey,   University of Michigan, 5:00-5:50pm, Ballroom/Salon 2 
6:00 GALEX Users Information Session, 6:00-7:00pm, Park Tower Suites 8226    
6:30 NASA's Planet Finding Missions, 6:15-8:00pm, Salon 1    
7:00 Society of Physics Students, 7:00-8:00pm, Virginia C