AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Undergraduate Presentations

Undergraduate researchers are the first authors of the following talks and posters. There are additional papers that include undergraduate research, but only those presented by undergraduates are listed. Additions can no longer be made to this list.

4.01U  Light Curve Asymmetry in W Corvi
R. E. Cohen (Wesleyan University), W. Van Hamme (Florida International University)
4.07U A Light Curve of Theta-1 Orionis A
J.R. Robertson, S.C. Stutts, D.B. Caton (Appalachian State University)
5.06U  Eccentricity Evolution in Simulated Galaxy Clusters
S. N. Floor, A. L. Melott (University of Kansas), C. J. Miller (Carnegie Mellon University), G. L. Bryan (University of Oxford)   
6.17U  Extremely Red Objects and Very Red Objects: A Wide Field Survey Around the Hubble Deep Field
E. Fernandez (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology), A. Barger (University of Hawaii)
7.10U  The age of the globular cluster Palomar 13
L. Trouille, B. Chaboyer (Dartmouth College, Physics and Astronomy Department)
9.05U   Web Services for Astronomical Databases: Connecting AIPS++ to the Virtual Observatory
M. C. Douthit (NRAO \& California State University, San Marcos, Department of Physics and Computer Science)
9.06U A New Interactive Database of High-Redshift Galaxies
T. Wiegert, D. F. de Mello, C. Horellou (Onsala Space Observatory)
11.12U   Testing the Unified Model with a Sample of Seyferts Selected by Isotropic Properties
J. P. Kelly (NRAO \& University of Virginia), H. R. Schmitt (NRAO)
11.14U A Multicolor Photometric Study of Three Type I Seyfert Galaxies
S.L. McGregor (St. Michaels College and SARA), K.S. Rumstay (Valdosta Sta te University and SARA)
11.16U   Classifying Serendipitous Sources for the ChaMP
D. Wik (Ohio University), J. Silverman, P. Green (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), ChaMP Group
13.02U   Modeling the Dark Matter Halo Properties of Cluster Galaxies
M. Eftimova (DePaul University), D.A. Dale (University of Wyoming)
13.05U   A 21-cm Neutral Hydrogen Study of Arp 213
S. J. Wells (Columbus State University), C. E. Simpson (Florida International University)
13.06U A Warp in the Large Magellanic Cloud Disk?
C. Salyk (MIT), K.A.G. Olsen (CTIO, NOAO)
13.07U   Population Studies of Galaxies Satellites in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
A. E. Kimball, T. A. McKay (University of Michigan), H.-W. Rix, E. Grebel (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astronomie), E. S. Sheldon (CfCP, University of Chicago)
13.13U   Galaxy classification by shapelet decomposition in the SDSS Early Data Release
B. C. Kelly, T. A. McKay (University of Michigan)
14.08U   The G Dwarf Problem in M31
A. L. Espana, G. Worthey (WSU)
14.23U   Using Type Ia Supernovae as Earmarks for Low-Surface Brightness Galaxies
C. C. Hayward, J. A. Irwin, J. N. Bregman (University of Michigan)
15.01U The Ups and Downs of the Black Hole Binary Cyg nus X-1: Correlations of the X-ray High/Low Energy States with the Optical Light Curves
E.G. Barron, J.A. Urban, E.F. Guinan (Villanova University), J.F. Sepinsk y (University of Delaware), I. Ribas (Universidad de Barcelona)
15.13U   Investigation of an Intermediate Mass Black Hole in the Starburst Galaxy M82
E. Wan, N. K. Mesta, J. W. Keohane, C. M. Olbert, C. R. Clearfield (NCSSM)
16.09U Investigating The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Cataclysmic Variable Candidate 496-083
M.A. Wolfe, S. Skinner, P. Szkody, L. Homer, O. Fraser (Univ. of Wash.), G. Schmidt (Univ. of Ariz.)
16.10U   ``G'' Type Carbon Stars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
J. Schroeder, G.R. Knapp (Princeton), B. Margon (STScI), D.J. Schlegel, M.A. Strauss (Princeton), C. Tremonti (JHU), H. Harris (USNO), J. Liebert, D. Eisenstein (Arizona), J.E. Gunn, E. Sirko, R.H. Lupton, \v{Z}. Ivezi\'{c} (Princeton), S. Anderson, C.M. Rockosi (U. Washington), R. Downes (STScI), D.P. Schneider (Penn State), T.A. McKay (Michigan), SDSS Collaboration
16.12U   Photometric Separation of Physical Properties of Stars
M. K. Nordhaus, H. J. Newberg (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), J. Bagrow (Clarkson University), C. Rider (Boston University), D. Tucker (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory), H. A. Rave (Drexel University), J. A. Smith (University of Wyoming)
17.01U   The Eddington Limit Upper Boudary for Cool Stars on the HR Diagram
P.J. Mendygral, B.L. Babler, J.P. Cassinelli (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
17.11U Study of Suggested New R Coronae Borealis Star s HAD V98 and HD 172468
E. Hesselbach (Alfred U. and Maria Mitchell Obs.), G. C. Clayton (Louisia na State U. and Maria Mitchell Obs.), P. S. Smith (Steward Obs.)
18.07U   Design and Construction of Calibration Equipment for Cryogenic Thermal Sensors
R. Cool (U Wyoming), E. Silver (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
18.11U A Graphical User Interface for the University of Wyoming's 2.3-m Telescope
R. Mallery (University of Missouri-Rolla), M.J. Pierce, H.A. Nations (University of Wyoming)
20.16U  High Resolution Observations of Class I Methanol Masers Toward NGC7538
A. Schwartz, Preethi Pratap (MIT Haystack Observatory)
21.08U   Lick adaptive optics survey searching for low-mass companions to young, nearby stars
Q.M. Konopacky (UCLA), B.A. Macintosh (IGPP at LLNL), A.M. Ghez, B. Zuckerman, D. Kaisler, I. Song (UCLA)
35.05U  Undergraduate Research at Liberal Arts Colleges
R. H. Kramer (Swarthmore College)
37.01U   Meridian Stones: for Form or for Function?
L. Amory (Vassar Coll. \& Maria Mitchell Obs.), P. Boyce, R. diCurcio, V. Strelnitski (Maria Mitchell Obs.)
40.05U  IUE Archival Observations of the Old Nova V841
S. Engle, E.M. Sion (Villanova University)
40.07U AY Psc is a Z Cam Star
L. Mercado (Indiana University), R.K. Honeycutt (Indiana. University)
40.11U Systematics of Superhumps in the Short Supercycle SU UMa Dwarf Nova V1159 Ori
M.A. Pitts (Indiana Univ. and Ohio State Univ.), J.W. Robertson (Arkansas Tech Univ.), R.K. Honeycutt (Indiana University)
40.12U   Re-Ananlysis of CN Ori, UZ Ser and X Leo with Composite Accretion Disk plus Photosphere Models
J. Urban, E.M. Sion (Villanova University)
40.13U  The Properties of the Dwarf Novae BV Puppis, BD Pav and BV Cen During Quiescence
J. Tracey, E.M. Sion (Villanova University)
40.14U  A Synthetic Spectral Analysis of the Far UV Spectra of the Dwarf Novae TW Vir, CH UMa and IR Gem During Quiescence
M. Dulude, E.M. Sion (Villanova University)
42.08U   The $K$-band Luminosity Function of the Virgo Cluster
A.S. Hill (Oberlin College), J.P. Huchra (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), T. Jarrett (IPAC), L. Macri (NOAO), J. Mader (McDonald Observatory), N. Martimbeau (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
45.02U Monitoring the yearly sporadic Micrometeor Fl ux into the upper Atmosphere using the Arecibo Dual-Beam 430 MHz Radar
D.E. Moser (UIUC), D. Janches (Arecibo Observatory and Penn State Univ.), D.D. Meisel (SUNY-Geneseo), M.C. Nolan (Arecibo Observatory), B.D. Bartlett (SU NY-Geneseo), J.D. Mathews (Penn State Univ.)
45.04U A Photometric Survey to Determine Rotation Rat es of Primitive Asteroids
E. Jeffery (Brigham Young University & SARA), M. A. Leake (Valdosta State University & SARA)
45.10U   Physical Parameters of Comet 28P/Neujmin 1
A.M. Heinrichs (NOAO/KPNO REU, Ohio State Univ.), B.E.A Mueller, N.H Samarasinha (NOAO)
45.12U   CONCAM Coverage of the 2002 Leonid Meteor Shower
A. J. Fleming, R. J. Nemiroff (Michigan Tech), D. Perez-Ramirez (ESA), W. E. Pereira, J. B. Rafert (Michigan Tech), CONCAM Collaboration
45.17U  Ion-Drag Effects of Gravity-Wave Heating and Cooling in Jupiter's Thermosphere
D. A. Lamb (Drake University), M. P. Hickey (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
46.02U   Determining Metallicities of Stars with Planets
T.R. Monroe (Western Kentucky University), S.M. Sidle (Rhodes College), C.A. Pilachowski (Indiana University)
46.05U   Potential Brown Dwarfs Discovered in IfA Deep Imaging Survey
M. Graham (Oklahoma State University)
47.09U   Detection of the H- ion in the ISM with FUSE
M.K. Andre, J.M. D\'esert (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris), D. Ehrenreich (Johns Hopkins University), R. Ferlet, G. H\'ebrard, S. Lacour (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris), F. LePetit (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon), V. Leboutei (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris), C. Oliveira, P. Sonnentrucker (Johns Hopkins University)
48.01U Time Series Analysis of Microvariability in Bl azars
V. L. Wilkat (Florida Institute of Technology), J. R. Webb (Florida International University), S. D. Clements (Florida Institute of Technology), J. T. Pollock (Appalachian State University)
48.02U   A Continuing Study of the Structure of Blazars Using the VLBA
E.A. Casper (Dickinson College), J.M. Attridge (MIT Haystack Observatory)
48.05U ROVOR: Optical Variability in Galactic Nuclei and GRB Afterglows
P.J. Brown (Brigham Young University), S.R. McNeil (BYU - Idaho), J.W. Mo ody (Brigham Young University)
48.13U  An X-ray Investigation of LINER Galaxies
J. McNulty (St. John's College), S. Satyapal, S. Sambruna (George Mason University)
48.17U  VLBI Polarimetry of 177 Compact, Flat-Spectrum Sources
L.K. Pollack (NRAO/UCB), G.B. Taylor (NRAO), R.T. Zavala (NRAO/NMSU)
49.12U Circumstellar Disk Diagnostics from Polarimetry and Infrared Excesses
A.C. Gault, K.S. Bjorkman, J.E. Bjorkman (U. Toledo)
49.13U  FUV spectroscopic study of the circumstellar environment of the Herbig Be star HD 250550.
C. Martin, J.-C. Bouret, M. Deleuil (LAM), T. Simon (IfA, U. of Hawaii), C. Catala (Observatoire de Meudon), A. Roberge (DTM)
50.04U  A Search for Radio Transients and Variables in the Galactic Center
J.L. Neureuther, S.D. Hyman (Sweet Briar College), T.J.W. Lazio, M.E. Nord, N.E. Kassim (Naval Research Laboratory)
50.05U   Near Infrared Spectroscopy of 4 AGB Stars in the Inner Galaxy: results of a pilot study
A. L. Young (CTIO/NOAO, Middlebury College), M. Messineo (Sterrewacht Leiden), R. D. Blum, N. S. van der Bliek (CTIO/NOAO)
51.09U   Nearby Galaxies at High Redshifts
L. E. Strubbe, K. Sheth, N. Z. Scoville (Caltech), M. W. Regan (STScI)
52.14U   New Standard Catalog of Arecibo HI Observations
R.E. Wilcox (University of Washington), K. O'Neil, J.A. Eder (Arecibo Observatory)
52.16U  The Green Bank Telescope OH Megamaser Survey
B. Kent (NRAO/West Virginia Univ.), J. Braatz (NRAO), J. Darling (Carnegie Observatories)
53.04U  Dakota Skies, Astronomy and Linking Learning to Life through Technology
C.R. Milford, P.J. Donohue (Dakota Science Center), T.R. Young (Univeristy of North Dakota)
54.09U Doppler Shifts in the X-ray Spectrum of Cygnus X-3
M. Saia, M. J. Stark (Lafayette College)
54.14U Globular Cluster X-Ray Sources and Supersoft Sources in NGC 4472 and M87
R. B. Friedman (Rutgers University), R. Di Stefano (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA/Tufts U), A.K.H. Kong, P. Barmby (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), A. Kundu (Michigan State University)
54.15U   Laboratory Astrophysics: Study of Radiative Shocks
S. Leygnac (LUTH), T. Lanz (GSFC, U. Maryland, Associate member of the LUTH), C. Stehl\'e, C. Michaut (LUTH)
54.16U  Creating an X-ray Nebula in the Laboratory: Spectral Diagnostics of Neon Photoionization Experiments on the Z-machine
D.S. Conners, D.H. Cohen (Swarthmore College \& Prism Computational Sciences), J.J. MacFarlane (Prism Computational Sciences), D.A. Liedahl (Livermore National Laboratory), J.E. Bailey (Sandia National Laboratory)
54.17U  X-ray binary A0538-66 during the years 1897 through 1951
K.L. Brock (Bates Coll. and Maria Mitchell Obs.), G.C. Clayton (Louisiana State U. and Maria Mitchell Obs.), E.R. Wollman (Bates Coll.)
55.06U An Analysis of Atmospheric Muons in the AMANDA -II Detector at a Depth of 1730m
K. Bland (James Madison University), P. Desiati, A. Karle (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
55.08U  A Program to Convert Raw Single Dish Data into a Format Suitable for AIPS++
C.R. Clearfield (Harvard Universtiy), J. Castelaz, M. Castelaz (PARI), J.W. Keohane (NCSSM)
56.01U  Photometry of SK-69 202, the Progenitor of SN 1987A, from 1897 to 1948
R.M. Plotkin (U. of Michigan and Maria Mitchell Obs.), G.C. Clayton (Louisiana St. U. and Maria Mitchell Obs.)
59.01U The Void Distribution Function for the LCRS Da ta
C.M. Brown, S.P. Bhavsar (U. Kentucky)
66.02U  Variability of SiO Masers at 43 GHz in the Bipolar Nebula IRAS 19312+1950
K. Scott (Univ. of Evansville and Maria Mitchell Obs.)
67.03U  Non-LTE Effects in Hydrogen Recombination Lines at the Epoch of Recombination
S. Daniel (Whitman Coll. \& Maria Mitchell Obs.), V. Strelnitski (Maria Mitchell Obs.)
74.03U  WIYN/Hydra Spectroscopy of Stars in the Direction of Star Forming Region W51
T. L. Laurance (Middle Tennessee State University), H. A. Kobulnicky (University of Wyoming), R. A. Benjamin, E. B. Churchwell (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
74.04U Basic Physical Parameters of Nearby G and K Gi ants and Subgiants
P.E. Robinson, R.O. Gray (Appalachian State University)
75.03U  From Binaries to Triples
T. Freismuth (CTIO-REU), A. Tokovinin (CTIO)
75.07U   Modelling the Precessing Jets in SS433
J.H. Crossley (NMT/NRAO), M.P. Rupen, V. Dhawan (NRAO)
78.05U A K-Selected Candidate Galaxy Cluster with z ~ 0.9 in the NOAO Deep Wide Field Survey
T. Dolch (Caltech), P. Eisenhardt, D. Stern (JPL/Caltech), A. Dey, B. Jannuzi, M. Brown (NOAO), G. Tiede (Florida)
79.01U Foregrounds for Future 21cm Observations at High Redshift
K. Mack, S. P. Oh (Caltech)
79.08U The Recipe for the Extragalactic Soup
J.R. Masiero, J.C. Charlton, C.W. Churchill (PSU)
79.12U A Search for X-ray Scattering by Intergalactic Dust
G. A. Telis, A. Petric, F. Paerels, D. J. Helfand (Columbia University)
80.01U The Angular Structure of Four-Image Gravitational Lenses
M. Turner (University of Oregon), C. R. Keeton (University of Chicago), C. S. Kochanek (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
80.08U Galaxy halo shapes from weak lensing in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
J. Racusin, B. Koester (University of Michigan), E.S. Sheldon (CfCP, University of Chicago), T.A. McKay (University of Michigan)
80.10U   Disk Source Geometry from Microlensing Light Curves
J. Bury (Dept. of Physics, U. Oregon), S. E. Levine (USNO, Flagstaff)
81.06U The Spatial Distribution of Resolved Young Stars in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
K. Murphy, M. M. Crone (Skidmore College)
82.13U Future X-Ray Telescopes: Fresnel Lenses and Interferometry
T.L. Smith (Chicago), S.E. Romaine (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
83.06U Calculation of Magnetic Helicity in a Force-Free Field
A. C. Updike (Smith College / National Solar Observatory), A. Pevtsov (National Solar Observatory)
83.07U Comparison of Three Solar Magnetographs
C. E. Thornton (Virginia Polytechnic and State University), H. P. Jones ( NASA's GSFC)
86.09U A Search for Proper Motion in the Parsec-Scale Radio Jet Components of High-Energy Peaked BL Lacs
K. C. Peterson (Yale University), T. A. Rector (NRAO, Socorro), D. C. Gab uzda (University College Cork, Ireland)
86.11U FIRST Radio Galaxies in the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey
J.B. Henderson (University of Washington), M.J.I. Brown, B.T. Jannuzi, A. Dey (NOAO), NDWFS Team
87.03U   Anomalous Radio Quiet Zones in X-ray Bright Young Supernova Remnants G54.1+0.3 and 3C58
J. Z. Chen, S. J. Massenburg, G. A. Wolpert, J. W. Keohane (NC School of Science and Math), C. M. Olbert (University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill), C. R. Clearfield (Harvard University)
87.04U X-Ray and Radio Analysis of SNR G29.7-0.3 (Kes 75) and its 700 Year-old Pulsar
R. Soule, Y. Wen, J.W. Keohane, C.M. Olbert, C.R. Clearfield (NCSSM)
87.09U X-ray Studies of Radioactivity in the Tycho and Cas A SNR
W.T. Ryle (Western Kentucky University), M.D. Leising (Clemson University)
89.03U Probing the Properties of Two Galaxies with Planetary Nebulae
J. K. J. Fogel (Harvard University), G. H. Jacoby (WIYN Observatory), R. A. Shaw (NOAO), L. Stanghellini (STScI), G. C. Van de Steene (Royal Obs. Belgium), M. Dopita (MSSSO)
89.06U   BIMA CO Observations of IRAS 07134+1005
A. Zalucha, D. Fong (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign), M. Meixner (Space Telescope Science Institute)
89.14U   X-ray Spectral Anomalies in Chandra-Observed Planetary Nebulae
H.L. Maness (Grinnell), S.D. Vrtilek (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) i
91.02U   Applications of Java and Vector Graphics to Astrophysical Visualization
D. Edirisinghe (U. Tennessee \& Carnegie Mellon U.), R. Budiardja, K. Chae (U. Tennessee), G. Edirisinghe (U. Tennessee \& Johns Hopkins U.), E. Lingerfelt, M. Guidry (U. Tennessee)
91.04U Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks Applied to Galaxy Collisions
G. Edirisinghe (Dept. Physics and Astronomy, U. Tennessee; Physics Dept., Johns Hopkins U.), D. Edirisinghe (Dept. Physics and Astronomy, U. Tennessee; Comp. Sci. Dept, Carnegie Mellon U.), O. Messer, M. Guidry (Dept. Physics and Astronomy, U. Tennessee)
91.07U Applying Filter Functions to Spectra Using the Cubic Spline Method
J.E. Maxwell, B.J. Taylor, M.D. Joner (Brigham Young University)
93.06U   The Chemistry and Dynamics of the Molecular Outflow in BHR71
M. S. Bovill (U Maryland, College Park), T. L. Bourke, E. A. Bergin (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
93.10U An S[II] Survey of the Rosette Molecular Cloud
J. E. Ybarra (California State University, Sacramento), R. L. Phelps (Cal ifornia State University, Sacramento; University of California, Davis), C. Mahaf fey (California State University, Sacramento)
93.18U Newly-discovered young, nearby stars
R.S. Whitaker, E.L.N. Jensen (Swarthmore College)
93.19U   Observations of Rotating Protostars with CLIRCAM
B.E. Penprase (Pomona College), B. Brown (Harvey Mudd College)
93.20U All-Stokes Survey of OH Masers in Star Forming Regions: Search for Possible Zeeman Splitting
L.A. Helton (University of Iowa), V.I. Slysh (NAIC Arecibo Observatory)
93.21U Survey of 15 Protostellar Molecular Outflow S ources
R. N. Durham (Hampshire College)
112.20U   H I Self-Absorption Toward Molecular Clouds: Theoretical Models
E. Flynn, J.M. Jackson, R. Simon, R.Y. Shah, T.M. Bania (Institute for Astrophysical Research, Boston University), M. Wolfire (University of Maryland)
112.24U Physical parameters and possible masing in Ga lactic ultracompact HII regions
C. Kasm ( U. of Florida and the Maria Mitchell Obs.)
113.03U   A Large ROSAT Survey of Time-Variability in O Stars
A. S. Adelman (Bryn Mawr College and Prism Computational Sciences), D. H. Cohen (Swarthmore College, Department of Physics and Astronomy)
113.05U   X-ray Emission Line Profile Modeling of O stars: zeta Puppis as a Wind-Shock Source
R. H. Kramer, D. H. Cohen (Swarthmore College), S. P. Owocki (Bartol Research Institute, University of Delaware)
114.16U Intrinsic Narrow Absorption Lines in Quasar Spectra
D. Narayanan, F. Hamann (University of Florida), V. Junkkarinen, R. Cohen, R, Lyons, E.M. Burbidge (University of California, San Diego), T. Barlow (Caltech/IPAC)
115.10U SiO masers: Three-Transition Movie for a Red Giant Atmosphere
L.M. Winter (Villanova University),
R.B. Phillips, R.J. Crowley (MIT Haystack Observatory)
115.11U  Colors, Magnitudes, and Searches for Nearby Stars using SDSS/USNO Photometry
C. C. Williams, D. A. Golimowski, A. Uomoto (JHU), I. N. Reid (STScI), T. J. Henry (Georgia State), S. Dieterich, S. L. Jue, G. M. Long (JHU), E. H. Neilsen (FNAL), E. Y. Spahn, L. M. Walkowicz (JHU)
116.02U Optical Imaging of Interacting Galaxies
J. M. Stoltz (Montclair State University), B. J. Smith (East Tennessee State University)
116.03U   The Role of Companions in the Asymmetry of Magellanic Spiral Galaxies
M. K. Prescott, E. M. Wilcots (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
116.15U  A Far-Infrared Spectroscopic Study of LINER Galaxies
M. Sanei, S. Satyapal (George Mason University)
117.02U CCD Photometry of Variables in the Field of QS Geminorum
D.I. Ketcheson, P.J. Brown, E.G. Hintz (Brigham Young University)
117.03U An Examination of the delta Scuti Variable V14 38 Aquilae
M.B. Rose, E.G. Hintz (Brigham Young University)
117.04U CCD Photometry of the delta Scuti Variable CQ Lyncis
R.C. Woolley, J.E. Maxwell, E.G. Hintz (Brigham Young University)
117.09U Monitoring of Select Mira-Type Stars for Microvariability
J. A. Reiff (Otterbein College), G. D. Henson (East Tennessee State University)
117.10U   The Last Heartbeats of a Dying Star: Pulsation of the Post-Asymptotic Giant Branch Star - Sakurai's Object (V4334 Sgr)
J.E. Castora, L.M. Winter, E.F. Guinan (Villanova University)
117.13U   Pulsations in Metal-Deficient Field Giants
E. Alicea-Munoz (U Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Campus), A. K. Dupree (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
118.03U  A Study of the Pulsar Emission Region at Multiple Frequencies
M. L. Boyer (University of Minnesota), Y. Gupta (NAIC, Arecibo and NCRA, Pune)
118.11U Birds of a Feather: A Statistical Search for X-ray Pulsars in Supernova Remnant Fields
B. F. Collins, E. V. Gotthelf (Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory)
119.01U   The Continuing Search for Variability Among Cool White Dwarfs
J. J. Schaefer (SARA, University of Wyoming), T. D. Oswalt, K. B. Johnston, M. Rudkin, T. Heinz (SARA, Florida Institute of Technology)
119.04U Cool Companions to White Dwarfs from the 2MAS S Second Incremental Data Release
H. Taylor (UW), S. Wachter, D. W. Hoard (SSC/Caltech), R. Wilcox, K. Hans en, S. Finkelstein (UW)
119.09U Wavelets and White Dwarfs
R. Montez Jr. (University of Texas - Austin)
120.02U An Observation of XY Arietis with Chandra
A.D. Salinas (University of Texas at Austin), Eric M. Schlegel (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
120.05U  Parallelization of a Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamic Cataclysmic Variable Accretion Disk Simulation Code
R.P. Perrine (Vassar College), M.A. Wood (Florida Inst. of Technology)
122.03U   A Prototype Data Reduction Pipeline for the GNAT System
A.L. Kraus (U Kans), M.S. Giampapa (NSO), R.A. Tucker (GP Obs), E.R. Craine (WRC/GNAT)
122.06 ROVOR \226 Remote Observatory for Variable Obj ect Research
J.A. Gilbert (Brigham Young University), E. Ashbaker (Pacific University) , J.W. Moody (Brigham Young University)
123.08U K-correction in type Ia Supernovae
M. Mora (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)
124.05U   WIYN Open Cluster Study: Precision UBVRI Photometry of the Young Open Cluster M36
J. Cummings (Indiana U. and U. Rochester), H. Jacobson (Indiana U. and U. Texas), C. P. Deliyannis, A. Steinhauer (Indiana U.), A. Sarajedini (U. Florida)
124.07U WIYN Open Cluster Study: Precision UBVRI Pho tometry of the Intermediate-Aged Open Cluster M38
H. R. Jacobson (Indiana U. and U. Texas), J. Cummings (Indiana U. and U. Rochester), C. P. Deliyannis, A. Steinhauer (Indiana U.), A. Sarajedini (U. Flor ida)

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